To promote functional fitness training for operational readiness while on land and underway.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


A 110' Patrol Boat is large enough to stay away from port for more than a few days, but not large enough to have a designated exercise area. Getting a workout in while underway in the 110' platform is beneficial to a crew member's well being and operational readiness, but it will require some creativity on his/her part. Here are some ideas.
The flying bridge seems to be the most ideal location for a few reasons:
It is unoccupied for the majority of the time, it allows for instantaneous communication with the pilot house, it is the farthest away from the ship's fumes and it provides adequate height for a variety of exercise movements. One consideration when working out while underway is that the constant instability of the platform due to the seas will add an additional challenge to your workout. Therefore you will need to adjust  your workout to the particular conditions you encounter. For example you might have set out to do 3 rounds of: 30 pull ups, 30 sit ups and 30 squats for time. However because of having to readjust your grip on the pull up bar (due to sea salt slip or moderate seas) you might not be able to get more than 10 consecutive pull ups. This might not get you the level of intensity you reach when doing pull ups on land in a more stable environment, so in this case you could increase the total number of pull ups per round to 50 and break them up into sets of 10 to allow for grip readjustment. On the other hand you might find that although a very strenuous movement, sit ups on the ladder are a very stable movement where you can really anchor your body down with your feet under the railing, allowing you to perform many reps without interruption even when the ship is pitching and rolling, so here you might increase the number of sit ups per round  so you can have an uninterrupted bout of high intensity movement even if this might increase your recuperation time between rounds . In summary you workouts might not be as fast and continuous as on land but they can still be very challenging if you adjust your reps and rest periods accordingly, and if, when you find a movement that you can consistently repeat in your particular environmental conditions, you stick with it and derive intensity from it.
Above all maintain safety as your primary concern, plan your workout so that you have time to shower upon completion and always obtain OOD's permission prior to going on the flying bridge. And remember that the difficulties and challenges of working out while underway  go hand in hand with the CrossFit principles of constantly varied high intensity functional movements so take advantage of the opportunity! Please post your ideas and comments below.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Our workout schedule and location follows the variation of our operational schedule. Contact me to coordinate an introduction to CrossFit methodology, meet for a workout, for help interpreting or scaling main site WODs and for suggestions on training while underway. Upon our return from drydock I will be working on establishing a more stable operation that will bring current CG CrossFitters together and new ones in.